• Description

    Ever tried summer city hopping? A string of shrewdly chosen last-minute flights have you and your friend start in a cultural haven, look sharp in a fashion hub, enjoy the groove in a music and foodie epicentre, to finally touch down in the epitome of sun, sea and relaxation. All you need is the Junction, the backpack that has it all: room for a laptop and a plethora of gear (camera, Smartphone, tablet), ample extra bag space, and a designated section for a battery* holding four Smartphone charges for on-the-go recharging. It also offers an EVA-moulded guard pocket to safely store your camera or headphones, which you can also clip to the shoulder straps when not in use. An easy clip-on pocket is the flexible home to your Smartphone, while the safe travel pocket on the back of the backpack pouch boasts RFID protection to shield you from electronic pick pocketing. The main compartment comes with a Snap Safelock zipper for that extra bit of safety and security. When not using your cables and connectors you can store them hassle and tangle-free in the Integrated Cable System pouch.

    * Battery sold separately, or in bundle.
    Battery pocket is 10 cm width x 12 cm height.

  • Specifications

    • cm46 x 29 x 12
    • inch18 x 11.4 x 4.7
    • volume16 l
    • weight780 gr
  • Features

    • Battery
    • RFID pocket
    • Tablet
    • Laptop
    • Zip lock
    • Guard pocket